I just got a macbook.

I’m very happy. Very very happy. I’m going to silently enjoy the wonders of this thing.

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Haters hating haters

lol I don’t see what the problem is with not liking someone. Whether they’re actors, singers or whatever. 

If I don’t like a musician, because of their actions, it gives you no right to tell me to get a life or to cuss me out. There’s no problem with NOT liking someone that everybody likes.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions. We don’t all like and hate the same things. Just live and let live, yo. 

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Big brother.

Just talked to my big brother, the one that lives in China. I haven’t talked to him in a year! I’m so happy right now. He used to treat me like a kid all the time because he was a teenager when I was a kid last time I saw him. I was playing nintendo and watching cartoons while he moved on to girls, clothes and music. Now we’re both able to have a “grown up” conversation, we’re talking about girls, life, school, our goals, and our future. 

If anything could make me feel like a man it’s him. Cos’ now I have his stamp of approval. Love my fam so much!

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